Security Concerns

Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) Server offers mobility access from iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices. Employees are tethered to their mobile devices - not their offices or cubicles. Providing access to Skype for Business from anywhere is a productivity-enhancer.

With the freedom to communicate with colleagues, partners and customers from anywhere comes many security concerns such as the following risks:

  • Restricting access to authorized mobile devices
  • Allowing mobility access to specific users
  • Protecting user corporate credentials
  • Blocking access after a device is lost or stolen

Allowing any device to sign in to Skype for Business Server with valid credentials puts at risk your corporate assets as the device becomes an edge extension of your network. These devices, more so than personal computers, enable new vectors of attacks. Without the ability to track which devices are accessing your Skype for Business infrastructure, you cannot survey the extent of your network and what risks you're exposed to.


To protect your corporate network against these vectors of attacks that originate from mobile devices, the Security Device Authorization Filter, Security Web Filter and Security Filter Verify (mobile app) enable you to restrict access only to authorized mobile devices. By requiring users to register their devices, only those users are permitted to sign-in to Skype for Business Server from their registered device. All other users are prevented from signing in from a registered device that isn't their own.

The Security Device Authorization Filter, Security Web Filter and Security Filter Verify are part of the Security Filters suite of security products designed to uniquely identify Lync Mobile devices and restrict access only to registered devices. After a user registers their mobile device, only that user can sign-in from that device. Mobile device registration can be integrated with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution so that only MDM-managed devices are authorized to sign-in to your Skype for Business Servers.

Key Benefits

  • Restrict access only to registered mobile devices
  • A registered device is paired to a single user
  • Users can register multiple devices if authorized
  • Lost or stolen devices can be denied access at any time

Centralized Management

The Security Filter products are integrated with the Security Filter Manager. The Security Filter Manager provides centralized logging and administration, making it simpler for administrators to manage all your instances of Security Filter components.

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