Security Sync Filter

As organizations enable Skype for Business (formely known as Lync) federation with other companies to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration, and accelerate productivity, this enablement introduces privacy concerns of users' presence and potential leakage of confidential information.

To mitigate these risks, the Security Federation Filter enforces an ethical wall firewall between your organizations and your federated partners to protect your corporate intellectual property at a granular level. The Security Sync Filter augments the capabilities of the Security Federation Filter by making it possible for administrators to specify federation policies based on internal Active Directory groups.

Key Benefits

  • Administrators can define federation policies for the Security Federation Filter based on their Active Directory group
  • Restricts access to Active Directory Directory Services from DMZ
  • Enables creation of federation policies based on different Active Directory attributes


The Security Sync Filter queries Active Directory for all users enabled for Skype for Business and the groups they belong to. It then synchronizes this information into the Security Filter Manager database.

This allows administrators to create federation policies in the Security Filter Manager based on Active Directory groups. Federation policies are enforced on internal users belonging to these groups.

Protect Internal Network From External Access

Because the Security Sync Filter connects to your internal Active Directory forest, it only reads from Active Directory, and never writes to it. This limits any potential risk to your Active Directory infrastructure.

To protect the internal network, the Security Sync Filter then writes to the Security Filter Manager database and never reads from it. This prevents an attacker from injecting SQL code into the database that could potentially compromise the Security Sync Filter and as an extension your internal network should the Security Filter Manager become compromised.

This helps ensure in-depth defense protecting your existing assets. The Security Sync Filter is an optional component, and is needed only if you want to create federation policies based on Active Directory groups.

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