Security Filter Verify

Allowing employees to connect to your Skype for Business (formely known as Lync) infrastructure from their mobile devices by using the Lync Mobile client provides many advantages including the convenience to work from anywhere. However, this access creates an increased risk of exposing corporate information to unwanted eyes and including disclosure of credentials through compromised and unaccounted edge endpoints. Such data breaches from weak endpoints can be mitigated by validating mobile devices before allowing access to your Skype for Business servers.

The Security Filter Verify is a mobile app that allows users to register the Lync Mobile client on devices that are known and authorized. That is devices managed by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to connect to your Skype for Business infrastructure. It registers the Lync Mobile client with the Security Device Authorization Filter.

Key Benefits

  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Can be signed and containerized by your MDM
  • Registers a Lync Mobile client to a single user serving as a second authentication factor
  • Interoperates with any MDM solution

Mobile Platforms

Security Filter Verify mobile app is offered for the following platforms:


The Security Filter Verify mobile app can be customized and signed by your MDM so that it can be downloaded by only valid users with an MDM managed device.

Protect Internal Network By Verifying Edge Endpoints

The Security Filter Verify app provides a way to validate the Lync Mobile client connecting to your infrastructure is installed on a device that can be trusted. This trust is established by verifying that the user registering the device holds a valid registration code, and the device is MDM managed. After the device is validated, the Lync Mobile client is uniquely identified. The Security Web Filter enforces access to your infrastructure to only authorized devices.

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